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What exactly IS a Puzzle?

The answer to that question is slippery at best. We grapple with it here.

Fantastic products

"I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service, quick
shipping, and fantastic products. Everything arrived a couple days ago, and I love it all. "

— Mark C

Functional and luxurious

"They look amazing and the timing is great as they are Christmas gifts! Thank you for delivering on the promise of a great-looking, functional, and luxurious bottle opener!"

— Christopher K

Size and weight are perfect

"My convex bottle opener arrived and it was more than worth the wait. The size and weight are perfect."

— Mike B

It felt so right

Our coasters have a little pep in their step. Come and see what I'm talking about.

Cal bookends

Two steel bars flex across one another to form an elegant heavy bookend. Our first product made with the New York brand, Craighill.

Scale, 1 : 1

If you smashed a sardine into a book, this is basically what you'd get. In this case, it's a handy stainless steel bookmark.

Original American design from a teeny tiny company

Seriously tiny. Just two guys making the things we feel like making. Learn more.