Here's the thing: The Marco Tray

A vintage 60's era motel pool and coutyard with swimmers lounging.





We first approached designing the Marco Tray with a simple plan, find a pool shape that told a story, and also worked well as an accessory tray. Once we found the right shape, we could make a metal tray and make it just the right shade of blue to put a little Summer nostalgia in your home. 

After pouring through pool manufacturer's catalogues, I learned a few things. First of all, most pools were designed and named a long time ago so the names are charmingly dated. Celebrity, Oasis, Magellan, Tradewinds; I am both rolling my eyes and kind of loving it. 

Different Shapes of Pools and their namesThe second thing was that the Kidney pool is perfect. It's a lovely organic shape for swimming and for storing a wallet, keys or whatever. It's an iconic shape full of nostalgia. The edge beautifully oscillates around from a tight S curve to a long lazy arc. 


Marco Tray in swimming pool blue desinged by Revision holding a black wallet and sunglesses on a grey background.

I assumed the Kidney pool was design in the 50’s and I was amazed to find out that it actually goes back to prewar Finland, designed by none other than Alvar Aalto! The guy who made this:

Paimio chair with black seat by designer Alvar Aalto on white background.jpg
And this:

Stool 60 in wood finish by designer Alavar Aalto sits on a grey background

And this:

Savoy Vase by designer Alvar Aalto in Winter Green on grey background

It's easy to see Aalto’s connections from that glass vase to a curvilinear swimming pool. And to tell the truth, his kidney pool was just a stop along the way to the kidney pool you picture in your mind. It wasn’t until the 60’s that it started to coalesce into the singular form we picture today. 

Marco Tray in swimming pool blue desinged by Revision holding a wistle on a grey background.

Locking down the color was critical for this product.  We pawed through a couple hundred blue powder coat samples and found the best one that captures the memories of Summertime spent playing Marco Polo in the pool. And thus, Marco is the name we decided to give this tray because we couldn't bear trying to sell a Kidney tray. 

The Marco Tray upside down on a grey background showcasing the cork bottom with a by Revision logo in the center.


How big is it?

Roughly 10 by 21 cm or 6" by 8". Its a comfortable size for most things that fit in your pocket.


Why is called the Marco Tray?

After settling on the kidney pool shape we really wanted to drive the point home the the name. When we think of pools it evokes childhood memories of playing Marco Polo under the hot Summer sun.

What’s it made out of?

Its hard to tell in a photograph on the internet but the Marco tray is made from 1.5mm thick carbon steel that's been powder coated.

Does it come in other colors?

Nope. As its form takes inspiration from Alvar Aalto's iconic kidney pool design we've naturally decided to make it swimming pool blue. 

What will it hold?

Most anything you carry in your pocket! Such as;

  • wallet
  • earrings
  • keys
  • hairbows
  • money clip
  • loose change
  • airpods
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